Our story

Charmaine taylor

Founder, Employment and Internship Consultant 

Charmaine has an inspiring amount of drive, which paired with her altruism and desire to make the world better for women is a winning combo. She’s hilariously funny, and really brings the team together (via zoom and Studio) – her confidence, passion and power make working with Charmaine exciting and stimulating.

Charmaine keeps the wheels turning at SLCP, dealing with all brand partnerships and seeing clients on a daily basis, as well as all of the not-so-fun admin bits that comes with being a boss a$ business owner.

Charmaine gained a Social Science degree before embarking on a career in the fashion industry, where she has over 14 years experience.

“I have always understood the importance of positive on-the-job training and development when taking steps into employment environment.”


SLCP Marketing Manager

Ellie is passionate, honest and bold. Her interests revolve mostly around music and pushing for the equality of all women. When she’s not knee-deep in thought about one of the above, she is also occasionally funny and maybe even a bit cool.  At SLCP she leads marketing strategy and comms, responsible for planning, execution and getting the word out!


SLCP Marketing Coordinator & Storyteller

Cleo brings a calming and gentle energy to the team. Her kind-heartedness and passion comes through in her work, and you can’t ignore the cool and creativity she radiates. Cleo’s the talent behind our videos and content. As well as SLCP, she also juggles Uni, an internship and a library job so you just KNOW she’s got her -ish together!”