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SLCP presents Inspiring People: A Day In The Life OfThis series is dedicated to sharing and spotlighting opportunities in different fields for our
network by highlighting some amazing individuals in their line of work and their journey in
navigating their careers. We got a sneak peak into life at Highsnobiety hearing about the journey of a Producer, a
Branded Content Editor, an Art Director and Project Manager.


Meet Sophia, Producer at Highsnobiety.

Sophia speaks of the importance of being open and honest about navigating the highs and lows of work and other important tools to support her mental health whilst working. She shares what former studies and experiences lead to this role and what is most exciting and rewarding about being a Producer at Highsnobiety.

project manager

Meet Cynthia, Project Manager at Highsnobiety.

Cynthia shares her personal tips on how to take care of your mental health daily, and whilst working and the little things that can add up to a lot! We also hear her thoughts on perceptions of the fashion industry, particularly when first starting out, and what you can discover, learn and experience.

branded content editor

Meet Ruhi, Branded Content Editor at Highsnobiety.

Listen to Ruhi’s candid insight into what her role entails and how you can grow your writing and creative skills alongside it. She shares her joys outside of working and what it takes to sustain a healthy work/life balance – exploring the self through taking leaps and new opportunities that come your way.


Meet Olivia Park, Senior Art Director at Highsnobiety.

Olivia shares the details of how they found their dream job, their views on what social issues need to be eradicated as well as the tools they use to support their mental health daily. Listen for gems of wisdom and more from our thought provoking interview below.