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SLCP presents Inspiring People: A Day In The Life Of Winter Series
This series is dedicated to sharing and spotlighting opportunities in different fields for our
network by highlighting some amazing individuals in their line of work and their journey in
navigating their careers.

Shannie Mears

Meet Shannie Mears, Co-founder of The Elephant Room.

The unapologetically fierce Shannie Mears talks to us about the importance of boundary-setting, being authentically you and how to make a valuable difference in the creative industry.

K' obazee

Meet K Bailey Obazee, Dj and Founder of Prim Black – A digital stories platform centred around black existence. 

In this episode of “A day in the life of”, K discusses the importance of finding and owning your voice, showing empathy and compassion for others, and her dedication to creating opportunities for Black people in the UK.