We Empower through Style and Preparation.

We Empower Women into Employment, Paid Internships & Apprenticeships.

We are a Community Interest Company who believes in the power of sustainable fashion and the link between Style, Confidence, Mental wellbeing and taking positive steps into employment opportunities

At SL Creatives Project, we team up with great fashion houses to provide quality workwear outfits to Women of all ages providing our clients with interview training

We believe in positive social change and ensuring all clients have the super power they need to reach for new possibilities.

Our team is made up of Style and Mentoring consultants, Freelance stylists and our packing and Garment Organisers

We are here to support You!

Brands we've worked with

sl creatives
the wardrobe editor

Providing fashion consultant services, wardrobe edit and storage solutions.

Listen with SlcP

When I was made redundant my confidence was knocked. I was worried I wouldn’t find another good job and after a good few years of not needing a CV or having professional interviews I knew I needed some advice.

Clare - 42, South London

I was successful in my three-stage interview and I got the job. I cannot thank SL Creatives Project enough. Overall, SL Creatives Project made me feel more confident and assertive. I am so much more optimistic in networking and even negotiating job offers. I would recommend this organisation to anyone.

Jodie Thorpe – 25, Brixton

SL CREATIVES PROJECT CIC gave me confidence and tips on the job specification of the role I was going for, we did mock interview run through. I feel more ready now than ever to go for it. I now feel it is not as hard as I am making it.

Lorraine - 26

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